Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live Fraggles Rock.

Seeing The Arcade Fire was like watching human Fraggles rock.Awesome. Getting to see Fraggle Rock was like a super-duper treat.
Getting to see The Arcade Fire- ALSO a super-duper treat.

Jumping up and down in frou-frou puffy skirts, wild tambourine action, throwing drums to the ceiling, running from playing violin, crossing the stage with a slammin' tambourine, to hit up the mandolin (was it?) And the HAIR! Just...Fluffy tufts of bouncy hair just- everywhere...sigh. It was like seeing on stage what my heart feels on the INside.


f*bomb. said...

Amy will have never heard of Fraggles, Nicole will giggle, and Seymour will notice that, yes, in fact, I have found yet another jaunty baseline.
Thanks, guys. A LOT.

Dainon said...

Was the guy there that just runs around and tries to mess people up? He's not an "official" member of the band, but his sole purpose appears to be to run around and screw people up. It's hilarious. When I saw 'em in Vegas a couple years ago now, he ended up in a sweaty slump, lying down, a big bump on his noggin, playing a drum like a truly partied-out rock star. It's exactly how it should have been.

Did you see Napoleon Dynamite in the band? Because he's in it.

Yeah ... jealous, I am.

Little Known Fact: The lead singer (Win) was LDS once upon a time. He calls his grandparents "Martini-drinking Mormons" and likely doesn't consider himself one anymore, but still. FYI.

f*bomb. said...

Katie will have some things to contribute and Rob is going to ask for evidence. Listen to Dainon, Robert. He is a DJ and KNOWS THINGS.


k8 said...

A very simple look at the Butler family tree will confirm that they do indeed have Mormon roots. No one disputes the fact that their grandfather was the legendary Alvino Rey right (and if you do have a looksy right here Well he was married to Louise King, of the singing King Sisters-all of whom were LDS.

And how am I SO sure? Well another one of the King sister, Alyce is the mother of well-known LDS composer Lex de Azevedo and his daughter has been one of my closest friends since elementary school. Win and Will are her cousins. I promise cross my heart. I'm never one to spread "so and so had mormon ties" unless I know a primary source that can confirm it.

Seymour Glass said...

well that's hardly half the band, but it seems credible. although with all the plural wives and baby making going on, who doesn't have a mormon relative?

as for the fraggle connection, i'm surprised and persuaded. are the doozers the road crew? and does that mean that the band eats the crew's homes? and who are the gorgs in this little allegory?

k8 said...

Well the Butlers are sort of the heart of the operation so maybe "half the band" isn't mathmatically correct but I stand by it artistically.

f*bomb. said...

Wait a minute...
Did Katie just say, "the legendary Alvino Rey," and mention a "well-known LDS composer"?!?! Are you name-dropping People No One Has Ever Hear Of???

Sorry, Katie. I think you just got moted.

k8 said...

Farrah Farrah, I'm going to open this up to all those Mormon kids who were forced to watch "Saturday's Warrior" or "My Turn on Earth" growing up to tell me whether Lex deAzevedo is a familiar name in LDS circles or not.

As for Alvino Rey-i would figure that your music nerd friends (like me) would at least recognize who that was. I didn't say he was MY grandfather!!! You are the one who told me your friend Seymour was demanding proof of my claim! I was trying to create a trail anyone with google can follow themselves : )

f*bomb. said...

I take it back.

Kent said...

did you go to the arcade fire concert last week? we went on wednesday. im glad to hear that you are fan of the group as most people dont even know their music. they are so incredible live.

f*bomb. said...

It was superfun...They're one of those bands where you can just FEEL their energy.

...Kind of like what it would be like to be surrounded by Fraggles.