Monday, May 21, 2007


And the nominees are:

The winner will be posted and adored and fawned over via Blogg. Not to mention he will become the most desirable bachelor ON THE PLANET.
Choose wisely.

And use the comment section to endorse your favourite candidate. Or. You know. Mudsling. Because a little dirt never hurts.


f*bomb. said...

My fault.
When I learned how to apply a poll system to Blogg, this sleek black box reminded me so of my dear, sweet iPod- and I just couldn't resist. I put iPod into the race (as he's MY most desireable bachelor and I think EVERYONE should get to know him better). But that was wrong of me. iPod was never officially nominated in the prior Hunk O'The Month posting, and it was wrong of me to place him in this poll. Especially when KR gave Aaron a shout out for deeming Andy the "Hunk O'Funk" and I didn't put Andy in because, got too crowded in that black box.
But don't you worry, Aaron fans. He will automatically be placed in the next running.

Again. My humble apologies. Vote again, iPod lovers.

f*bomb. said...

Hunk O'Funk has taken a serious lead, but we have until Friday for the polls to close, so it's still anybody's game here!
Girls- you can vote and they won't know you think they're hunky. Seriously. This poll is the safest way to compliment without implications.