Monday, May 7, 2007

A Man With No Vices.

As many of you know, my grandfather passed away last month. As the family contemplated his life, my cousin Justin said, "Grampa really had no vices." We all thought about his statement. And it was true. He never drank or smoked, or said anything crude to anyone. He was never lewd or careless or unkind. Over the rest of our weekend together, his wife, children and grandchildren could recollect a time when Grampa raised a hand, or even his voice at any one of us. The only time we could say Grampa ever coming close to yelling were times that either to warn us or to protect us. And even then, I don't think anyone who grew up with him had it happen more than once.

My grandfather is an inspiration in so many ways. An incredible example of Christlike life and love for all mankind. A man of wisdom and gentleness and humor. A man who took the time to make each person he met feel that they were important enough to stop for. A man who could be depended upon and trusted, regardless of your relationship with him. How incredible would this world be if we had more men with no vices!

In this wake of "He Said/She Said" and "Mars vs Venus" and "Man-bashing," etc, I would really like to honour those men who are good men. Those men who we appreciate and enjoy and trust. I would like to thank the men in my life who have been my brothers and my example; the men who have set the standard for how I should expect to be treated as a woman and as a child of God.

To those men who are good, but have not found the courage to really DO good- I want you to know that we need you. The world needs you to stand up and protect those around you- whether or not they appear to need safeguarding. We need you to stand up and stop those people who are inappropriate or reckless with others. We want you to do what is right, and show us that there ARE good men in this world. Your goodness brings us hope. It renews our faith. And it inspires the people around you to be better.

Be good. And be strong. The difference you make, matters.

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