Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Hot Pursuit.

This competition is hardcore heating up.
And we thought Andy had this one in the bag...Did anyone think The Nice Guy and Every Girl's Best Friend would ever beat out a Rock Star or a Pretty Boy?
Polls close this Friday.

And in other news:

Woman Of The Week!
Katie Rose.
She aced a million tests in the 99%. Kicked her presentation to the max. And did it all while holding down a full-time job, taking care of her friends and looking fabulous all the way home. Plus, when she sings Meatloaf, you REALLY believe her.


Renegade Of Funk said...

Ha ha, I'm finally catching up on my friend blogs and low and behold, I've received a new nickname. Definitely beats the Brokeback Mansion nickname some have given my apartment.

f*bomb. said...

WHAT?!?! You're saying that all this time, you had no idea we've been referring to you as the Hunk O'Funk?
That means all of Andy's votes are authentic. I'm SO impressed right now...