Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lookin' Good.

It all started with the Pinata...but there is so much more I have to say.
Thank goodness for the good people who create shirts that express my social, political, and dating status, so as to eliminate the need for coy talk, or quaint questions geared toward getting to know me better. This way, you know I want you to "Kiss Me, I'm Irish," that "I've Sold My Soul To Rock N' Roll," and "I'm Now Accepting Telephone Numbers," "I date college boys" (a shirt made for teens which was funny when I first graduated college, but is even funnier now that I'm 30), and everyone can know how I love Wonder Woman so much I would plaster her image across my bosom.

Thanks for the anonymous tip, Anonymous. I owe you.


Vanilla Vice said...

Great selections Farrah. You've got style. But I've always known that.

Renegade Of Funk said...

I love these!

Liz said...

Oh my love! We have found one another again at last!

I just got your email and immediately put you on our blogroll. I can't believe I know what a blogroll is. Well, I think I know what it is. Anyway, I'm just so glad to hear from you again.

Loving your blog.

Ali B. said...

I saw one the a while back with out outline of the state of New Mexico and it said, "New Mexico,kind of like the other Mexico, but cleaner." I REALLY wanted to buy it for JJ.

Seymour Glass said...

i've seen better...even own a few. but the shirt i've always wanted was owned by a good friend in high school (totally should've stolen it). simple, b&w shirt bought at the saturday market in portland.

caption: marx & lennon
pictures of groucho and john. awesome.