Wednesday, May 2, 2007

First Times.

People never know who I'm talking about when I say that I would give an appendage to see "The Beautiful South" live. They have been my favourite band since I found their cassette when I was 15. They were my first CD, and they were the first played on my beloved iPod.
Sweet memories.

Anway. YouTube has found my delightfully lyrical and sort of weird humoured band, and I couldn't be happier.

Who's your AllTimeMostFavourite-Give-Your-Right-Arm-To-See-Them-Live band? I'd be interested who is standing the test of time. I'm also adding Travis, The Beatles, Madonna, Joss Stone, Amos Lee, and The Beastie Boys. (Of course.)


rachel said...

Hey you! I just saw you had a blog! I just started one and Im addicted...much better than myspace. Amy is moving to Utah!

f*bomb. said...

O my word! I can't believe you found me here! I know, I know- Blogg is my new lover-on-the-side (iPod is still my #1 boyfriend). Tell Amy that the last concert we went to in San Francisco, The Beautiful Losers; those guys are good friends of mine now- we're still in touch and they visit when they're here for Mtv stuff! Isn't that just nutty?

f*bomb. said...

Under The Influence of Giants is playing San Diego (5/22) AND LA (5/24) this month- WE MUST GO!!!