Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I Scream, You Scream-

We ALL scream for ICE CREAM!

And May 2nd we can get it from Baskin Robbins for 31 cents:
You're welcome.

Also- The new Spider Man movie is coming out this weekend, and I'm so excited I think I may be an 11 year-old boy! The production of this video is pretty good, the acting is mediocre, the characters and costumes are fairly accurate, but there are some majorly incohesive scenes in the plotline. Then again, if Snow Patrol were playing for my kid's recital, I'd show up and clap, too.


Seymour Glass said...

oh, i do owe you. i was just singing the praises of daquiri ice the other night and it gave me a serious craving.

Vanilla Vice said...

I'm still laughing when my you were like, "I'm so excited for Spider Man 3!" and my bro was like, "That makes 1 of us".

f*bomb. said...

Yes. I give him props for that one. But it won't change the fact that I cancelled one set of Friday Night plans in order to FINISH WATCHING Spiderman!!!
That Peter Parker is so complex.

f*bomb. said...

Okay. Sooo, maybe I went to get ice cream. And maybe I decided beforehand to splurge and get 3 scoops, even 4 (to save some for later) and maybe I realized as I was paying for the ice creams that I forgot to try Daquiri Ice...So maybe I had to get a 5th scoop. And then maybe I ate the ENTIRE THING, including drinking the Daquiri Ice remnants of what I picked up for my roommate.