Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cake and Crap.

I'm not spoiling anything for those of you who tivo this crap- but...
Did anyone else think Bevan was going to go ape if she didn't get a ring last night? Because while his family said, "she has beautiful eyes" and "she is crazy about you," I think girlfriend be straight crazy in her eyes.

Shout out to Rhyll, who is wearing her birthday suit this morning- freshly cleaned and pressed.


cropstar5 said...

and who didn't teach this girl about waterproof makeup?
altho i have to confess that i secretly loved seeing that mascara run down her face... just made her look even more crazy

f*bomb. said...

No kidding. The primary reason I can't handle reality television is the crying in public that goes on...NATIONALLY. And what was worse than HER tears? uhhhh...was it maybe HIS?!?!

The thing they DIDN'T share about Cap'n Andy is that he has just returned from his mission and that he's never had a girlfriend before.