Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Your Little Black Book-

Excercise your right to vote. Or to paaaarty. Whatever.

Hunk O'The Month nominations are closing this Friday- the top nominees will go to polls so we can vote and then adore the proper man of the month.

As for the Holiday Hunny concept- Memorial Day? Victoria Day? What was I thinking? Plus, I know so many fantastic women I admire- We can totally simplify this.

Woman of the Week.
Tell us about the woman who just made your week a little bit better, a little bit brighter, a little more exciting. What woman went out of her way to make you feel special this week? In this world where women feel they are constantly compared or in competition, would it be so bad to admire and appreciate those women who are going out of their way to make others feel good? Tell us who she is and what she did lately that made you go, "Wow. Am I lucky to know HER."

We'll have a new Woman of the Week profile posted every Monday so the guys have enough time to ask her out for that weekend. You're welcome.


f*bomb. said...

I've got two already:

Suzanne. She's a bad mamajamma, and I will miss her terribly when she moves to Sacramento next month. Between Sunday walks, long talks, and being real- there will be a large gaping hole in my heart where Suzanne was.

Aubrey. WOW. Air guitar, steely-eyed power-balled moves, and more chutzpah than you can wave a stick at...The woman is my idol. My Solid Gold American Idol.

jan & julia said...

i just tagged you. and i never leave comments so this is huge. jk, it's not. just something to do in your spare time. which i know you don't have because you are so busy picking out which sexy lingerie you are going to get me. wahoo!

f*bomb. said...

Stop peeing in the blogpool, Whoolia. GROUNDED.

Nominate a woman in your life and tell us why she is outstanding and THEN I will play your crazy war games!

Vanilla Vice said...

I'm going to ask that I be taken off the woman of the week list as I am booked solid for at least a year. Sorry boys.

f*bomb. said...

I think you are missing the point, love-o-mine. You're supposed to look for women you notice because they do admirable things- and since it's weekly, I hope we'll all keep our eyes open and appreciate each other on a more frequent basis.

Katie Rose just got in the 99% on her master's placement program test. She scored 100% in the Math section. She's brilliant and so incredibly humble that she even thinks I would have done just as well. It broke my heart to have to tell her I graduated high-school in college pre-algebra and haven't touched the stuff in over a decade, and that I had to take Honours Biology twice because the HS chemistry teacher thought I would cause a ruckus in her classroom and asked me to leave. But that just makes K-Ro that much sweeter.

f*bomb. said...

It was Ruthie's 24th birthday yestarday. She is a recent convert, is so pure and kind, and has the brightest disposition and best smile EVER. She's completely genuine and I absolutely adore her for her sincerely joyful spirit. She is a DELIGHT.

Happy Birthday, Ruthie!!!

f*bomb. said...

Ruthie just danced so hard last night, I thought she was going to pass out from
a) dehydration
b) megacoolness
c) non-stop-hotness

So help me, I love this girl.