Sunday, June 24, 2007

Girl Talk.

I know I poke fun at the gents quite a bit- everyone knows a good manboy story makes for good literature- but may I address the ladies of this world for a moment?

Can you all just shut up?

I mean, seriously. Do you really think anyone cares about the history of your hair colour, the 5 lbs of fluctuation that's undetectable to the rest of the world, or that guy who doesn't know you like him because you've never bothered to talk to him? Do you think you're impressing anyone by "talk(ing) about people you don't even know and talk(ing) about places that you don't even go?" It makes you look like a braggart and an idiot. Even worse- it makes you boring. (Cardinal sin.)

Recently some friends went on a trip where they could have made a few new friends...But one girl just could not stop talking about herself! Between her implants, fake tan, terrible attitude, whining, the ridiculous amount of references to posh places she obviously had never attended and people she obviously was not close friends with; no one was interested in getting to know her. I felt a little sad for this girl; clearly she needed attention and didn't feel she would get it on her own accord. But does she really have to broadcast her low self-esteem on the airwaves when the very appearance of her made it obvious? Honestly! Gossip is dangerous, damaging, and desperate. We'd like to pretend it's sensational, but- let's be real here- if I don't know them, why do I want to hear about their personal business?

I grew up with Run DMC on our family boom box. This song always hit a chord with me then because I felt it was a lesson to be learned on how NOT to be annoying. Hearing it again, now, I love the wisdom in not just the words, but the message. Talking in order to boast of oneself or to create drama or sensation by using other people's lives is selfish and damaging. It makes what you have to say empty noise full of useless words. And it's kind of disgusting, piggish behavior that only self-indulgent yuppies participate in.

So next time you talk to someone and you feel like you're not getting a response from them- don't panic and fill the air with sounds of your own voice. Ask THEM a question. Encourage THEM to talk. What's truly brilliant is that they suddenly find YOU interesting! And you'll come off looking wicked smart because you didn't actually have to think of anything to talk about- you can just throw the ball in their court to whatever topic you're interested in. Then your talking becomes more than merely idle chat. It becomes a conversation. And THAT is how you begin relationships where someone might actually care about what you have to say.

Better to be silent and appear the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


caroline said...

farrah, when are we gonna talk about ME???

Salt H20 said...

Reminds me of a quote:

"you wouldn't worry what people thought of you if you knew how seldom they did"

Amy said...

Wow! This makes me never want to speak again.

f*bomb. said...

Silly girls! You should all KNOW by now that we were meant to be SEEN and not HEARD!

f*bomb. said...

It's just lucky for us that I am only friends with people who are attractive AND interesting.

Vanilla Vice said...
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Vanilla Vice said...


She needs to get a blog. Problem solved! She can rant about herself for hours and feel like she has a spring board to talk about herself with a captive audience. That's what the rest of us does.

Guys do care about weight and the 5 lbs flux. I had three guys ask me how much I weigh over the weekend. What part of TABOO topic do they not understand? We weren't even talking about weight. Sexist. But they don't want you to have an eating disorder. That's the catch - you have to eat a lot, but be naturally skinny doing it.

Rachel said...


I know a lot more people than you, sooo. They are like all my friends. So I have a lot more people to talk about than everyone else here, sooo. They all like to hear me talk. They listen to me all the time. Call me on the phone to hear me talk sooo. I talk the most. I invented talking. sooo.

Renegade Of Funk said...

Careful Farrah, I didn't even go on said trip but I can guess from the description EXACTLY who you are talking about!

I agree though. Yes, some girls need to shut up, MANY dudes need to do the same. I can't tell you how old and uninteresting it is to hear girls talk about how hard it is to find a hot LDS guy or such. Boring and shallow. Anyways, I'm going to shut up now.

f*bomb. said...

It's true.
When men do it, it makes them look like a braggart or a douche. When women do it, they look stupid and desperate for attention.

And, Funk, I wasn't on that trip- I don't know that girl, but she is one example of many. I think it's unfortunate that so many people feel the need to fill our air with needless talk about nothing, rather than developing genuine interest and reciprical exchange of ideas with one another. Don't we all just feel THAT much better and more uplifted when we get even a short time to catch up with friends who have something REAL to say, rather than people who just spread gossip or whine about their lives?