Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is for you:

Did anyone else find the idea of Paula Abdul having a cat for a lover utterly disturbing and bizarre? I don't care if he's a hip-hop cat that wears sunglasses at night and smokes cigarettes and knows how to tap dance. It's still just weird. I guess if we had paid more attention back then, it wouldn't be such news now that she is buck-crazy.


Anonymous said... sweet of you. I haven't seen that video since I was like in middle school. We are definetly least in how we end dating relationships.

f*bomb. said...

Sorry, Anonymous. I must have spoken too soon...
Did you really just use "lol" on me?


Anonymous said... bad.... I didn't know "lol" was poor internet etiquette. I'll remember that one too along with a'hole.