Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's totally true. I dig lonely guys.
I was going to save this to post for weekend viewing, but then I thought some of the gents might want to review several times and take notes in order to prepare for date night.
Favourite Lyrics?
"You're so beautiful, you could be a high-class prostitute. Or a part time model."
"You're so beautiful, definitely the top 3 in the room. In the Whole. Wide. Room."

"I did all my moves...I walked around the outside of her..."
"You can say anything to me; I won't think you're a pervert."
"You know what I really want is an Australian..."
"I'm not crying, I'm just cutting some onions. I'm making a lasagna."


Vanilla Vice said...

I LOOOOOVE Flight of the Conchords. They were an obsession of mine for awhile. Come over and watch their first HBO special with me...we can cuddle and argue over breaking up and making up...

Vanilla Vice said...
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Dubious Brown said...

"my rhymes are so potent that in this small segment, I made all of you ladies in the studio audience pregnant" - Flight of the Conchords

These guys are hilarious

f*bomb. said...

"Depending on the street, you're the most beautiful girl on the street (definitely the top three- depending on the street)."

It's like seduction for the ears AND my heart.

If any of you have seen these guys perform on stage at all, to see an entire episode about their exploits is a tripletime treat!

"I paid for half of her taxi. Should I have paid for the whole taxi?"

Kory said...

Farrah, you're always on top of everything awesome. Any time I think I may be one step a head of you- SHABAM! you've got me.

f*bomb. said...

Well, I DID see them a couple of years ago (on tv) just as their folk-comedy act- but this episode is all thanks to the illustrious Katie- Queen of All That's Hip.