Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ukrainian Brides HERE!

Please. O Please. Will someone PLEASE order one of those beautiful Ukrainian brides that's being advertised in the toolbar and report back to us.
Pretty please?

I just want everyone to know: I thought it would be funny to look up pictures of these Ukrainian brides to post with this story, but all the sites made me a little bit sad. And some of them resembled really, really poor child porn (if Sears did kiddie porn). So. No pictures here. And now I'm going to cry for these poor, sad, Ukrainian women.


linds said...

I don't see the thing I need to click on.

Rudie can't fail said...

I don't see the ad either - maybe Firefox filters it out for me? In any case, I can't comment on this specific site, but in general, there are some lovely women on the Russian brides sites. Yes, some of the photos do look like glamorshots from the mall in the bad part of town, but nevertheless.

I actually knew a older German guy who had a mail order Filipino wife. (From the days before the Interweb when you had to use the ads in the back of "Soldier of Fortune" magazine.) They seemed quite happy if a little bit odd. For me, I've read one too many stories about them coming over then hiring their Ukrainian mob hitmen buddies to kill their new husband, so I'm, holding off for now.

But seriously, if my choices are buying a hot Ukrainian who barely speaks English vs. Miss Teen South Carolina? I'd say it's a wash.

f*bomb. said...

I'm afraid to acutally paste the link for you on here...You know what happened before with Aaron's "hook up with married women" ad and the whole ONE TIME porn joke in the text setting off all kinds of ads for porn in the Google toolbox...
(FUNNY!...but scary...)

f*bomb. said...

eeek! Now the sidebar ad reads:
Asian Girls for Dating
Beautiful Chinese ladies seek men for love and marriage.

It's like they're reading my DIARY!